Madaleine has been seduced by the chemistry of the darkroom.

She specialises in camera less photography and alternative photographic processes, experimenting with photograms, pinhole cameras, cyanotype and Van Dyke.  These techniques enable her to print images on materials as diverse as glass, wood, mirror and metal.


Text:  Alan Fielden

The Darkroom is an expression of Madaleine's exploration of the image and its significance within history.  Inspired by the photograms of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she was interested in how these shadows captured the moment of these cities total destruction.  These traces of bodies became the photo, a photogram which captures the catastrophe.

Madaleine uses the live analogue photographic processes to deconstruct the process of image making and focus upon the performativity of photography.  By illuminating the manipulation and development of images, she hopes to pose questions as to the role of documentation in  performance and the trust we place in the medium.  
The Documentation and script of ‘The Darkroom’ performance has been captured in a bespoke publication for the RCSSD Performative Documentation collection (curated by David Harradine).  This limited edition contains a script which has been printed in the darkroom and an unfixed script which is kept in a black, light tight bag.  The reader has the opportunity to view the script but in doing so, exposes it, gradually erasing it.



TaPRA, The Darkroom, Worcester University                                                                                                September 2015

The Darkroom, Nightingale Theatre, Brighton Fringe (solo performance)                                               May 2012



3D Printed Pinhole Cameras, V & A                                                                                                                 29th & 30th January 2016

Ghostly Pinhole Workshop, Camden New Wave Festival                                                                            Oct 2013    

Alternative Photographic Processes, Priorsfield school                                                                             Sep 2013

Pinhole and photogram workshops, MA Scenography, Royal Central School of Speech & Drama     Oct 2012 to present

Pinhole Camera Workshop, London Street Photography Festival                                                             July 2011



Madaleine is currently creating a bespoke 3D printed jewellery collection which incorporates her photographic paper into the designs.  
All the pieces will be unique and created in consultation with the wearer.
This collaboration with Chris Verbick hopes to playfully merge the analogue and digital processes, bringing back the hand made element to these cutting edge digital designs.
Each commission is accompanied with a workshop in the Darkroom. 

The above triptych features the same photographic print under different lighting to illustrate the lustre of these pieces.